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Entrepreneurial Creation- 610 Outdoor Ad Analyses

Perkins Dry Cleaners

A commercial dry cleaning service located on Murchison Road, here in Fayetteville, NC advertising their specials. In the background of the ad, there is a striped button up shirt aptly pressed highlighting what the overall theme. Perkins go straight to the point in this ad by stating their prices, mentioning their discount days (these days are pre-paid only), informing the customer of their address and phone number.

The objective of this campaign was to inform the customer of who they are, where they are located, and discounts that they offer. Their objectives were attainable, and Perkins can track sales on their discount days to gauge effectiveness.

The target market at first glance would be men because there is assumingly a man’s shirt on the billboard. However, the ad is for male or female between the ages of 25 to 70. Dry cleaning is usually reserved for professional attire or formal wear.

The action that Perkins wants the customer to make allows them to be their go-to dry cleaner. The benefit will be able to take advantage of their discounted pricing on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Perkins value proposition would be their discounted prices on clothing items.

Dunkin Donuts

The ad is educating customers that the time-limited Waffle Sandwich is back and available for purchase. This ad did not evoke an emotional response, however, after passing the billboard, you probably were ready to eat.

The objective of this ad is to inform customers that the Waffle Sandwich is back and to influence customers to a stop and try it for the first time or indulge again. This objective is attainable and can track my Dunkin Donuts monitoring their sales while billboard is posted.

The target market for this ad is anybody that is hungry and enjoys pork and waffles.

The call to action that Dunkin wants customers to take is to come by and try. The value proposition is that it was previously time-limited and now it is back. Also, they give you a full breakfast in a sandwich.


This ad is bold, clear, and straight to the point. Its overall message is that BMW is within life, liberty and the pursuit of anything else. Showcasing one their coupe sedans in an eye-catching blue with bold print and clarity.

The objective of this ad was to inform customers that Schaeffer BMW is with you in life. Also, USAA member gets up to an additional $6000 off of Schaeffer BMWs.

The target market is for those who like sports cars, BMWs, or USAA members.

The call to action is to drivers interested in either upgrading their BMW or consider purchasing.

The value proposition would be the additional discount.


This advertisement is painted on the side of a grocery store and has been there for years. It’s promoting one of Carolina’s oldest sodas. Cheerwine has a simple message, “Drink Cheerwine.” No frill or any additional words, just drink it and know that it’s homegrown.

The objective of the ad is to get customers to do exactly what the ad says, “Drink Cheerwine.”

The target market is for those who enjoy cherry flavored soda, support Carolina products, or those who have drunk through the years.

The call to action is for customers to go and buy Cheerwine.

The value proposition is that is owned and operated in the Carolinas.


How could I not save the best for last? My alma mater’s ad speaks for itself. Showing casing Mister and Misses NCCU and two other gorgeous students all with Colgate smiles and the beautiful maroon and gray colors. They choose to go with a short but powerful message, “Where leaders soar.” Also, adding where one could find out more about the University at

The objective of this ad is to inform prospective students and parents that NCCU produces leaders of today and tomorrow, especially within the black community. Their goal is attainable by admissions tracking enrollment after utilizing this ad space.

The target for this ad is African American students and parents.

The call to action is for students looking to further or finish their education to apply or inquire about what NCCU can do for you.

The value proposition is that NCCU is one of the top historically black colleges located in the Raleigh/Durham area.



Perkins Dry Cleaning Billboard

Dunkin Donuts Billboard

BMW Billboard

Cheerwine Billboard

NCCU Billboard

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Entrepreneurial Creation- 610 Magazine Ad Analyses

Each of these ads was retrieved from the April 2017 CityView Magazine, a local life & style publication featuring the Fayetteville area. The CityView magazine was founded in 2006 by Publisher Marshall H. Waren and his wife Sandee, both Fayetteville natives. They realized then that Fayetteville was the largest city in the state without a glossy, full-color, lifestyle magazine and they sought to fill that void (CityView, 2017). CityView is heavily rooted in the Fayetteville community and is a huge supporter of local small businesses.

Southern Furniture Design

The SFD ad mainly features some of their home furnishings which include two living area displays, a breakfast nook table, and a bedroom. Each picture displayed looks to already be in the home. It also features a picture of the business owners, not only giving the viewer a peek into their merchandise but also associating real people with a real local business.  The appeal of this ad is to give the viewer a visual of what rooms in their home could look like by shopping at Southern Furniture & Design. At the bottom of the ad, it lists some of the brand names they currently offer and encourage the viewer that since summer is coming, it may be time to change your home décor. SFD mentions that they have discounted samples and displays and interest-free financing.

The objective of this campaign is to lure new or existing customers into the store to see all the nationally recognized brand names and make purchases. The ad is intended to sell more, but it did not exclusively mention new merchandise. The objectives seem attainable especially showcasing beautiful fully furnished rooms. Sales from ad can be tracked by asking customers what drew them to the store.

The target market for this ad is women and men that enjoy home décor or even customers who are clueless about home décor but like what they see.

The call to action for the SFD ad is to come by their store and shop locally from a family owned and operated business.

The Value proposition is not only will you have name brand furniture options, but you will also be supporting a local business and beautify your home.

The Chapman-Wilson Pools, Spas, Home Improvement Inc.

Chapman-Wilson opted for a two-page ad instead of the standard one. In this ad, you will see some of their beautiful pool installations, spa-like bathrooms, and several home improvements. For the background of their ad, Chapman-Wilson chose a deep rich maroon which brings out the pictures even more. The black lettering can be a little challenging if you have issues with your eyes. The ad also lists all of the improvements that the company is capable of building or restoring.

The objective of this campaign is to attract new or existing customers to invest in home improvements. The objectives are attainable especially Chapman-Wilson is a very popular company to use. The sale of services was not time specific, and sales can be tracked by asking the customer how they heard about the home improvement company.

The target market is not for the do-it-yourselfers but the “I’ll pay for some to do it” homeowners or developers.

The call to action is for homeowners to update their homes or properties that they own.

The value proposition is whatever home renovation or remodels a homeowner wants to make Chapman-Wilson can do it all.

Henry’s Hard Grape Soda

The Henry’s Hard Soda ad used the deep purple color to introduce the new malt beverage with grape flavor, Hard Grape. It also mentions that Hard Grape is joining the many other flavors that Henry’s currently offer. The tagline “Live Hard-ish” is used in capital and bold letters at the bottom as well as their call to action of “Great beer, great responsibility” encouraging the customers to drink responsibly.

The objective of this ad is to alert new and existing customers that Henry’s is offering a new flavor. And if you are a grape flavor lover like me it will at least catch your attention.

The target market is for those who enjoy flavored malt beverages or those who just love grape flavor. The preferred target market is individuals 21 years old or older.

The call to action is for customers to try Henry’s new flavor and to drink responsibly.

The value proposition is if you have enjoyed their other flavors you will enjoy this one. Also, Henry’s makes their drinks with real cane sugar instead of manufactured sweeteners.

Rhudy’s Jewelry

Rhudy’s Jewelry Showroom ad is showing its Vahan jewelry line by Alwand Vahan. Six beautifully cut diamonds, silver, and golden intertwined to make beautiful bracelets with and without clasps. The bracelets are set against a black backdrop which seems to enhance the diamonds even more. No models or mannequins necessary just beautiful, timeless bracelets available for purchase. Rhudy’s Jewelry Showroom desired emotional response would be to dazzle the viewer.

The objective for this is an ad is to catch a woman’s eye. Just turning the page I was immediately like, “Ooooohhh! Those are cute.”  These particular pieces are not targeted for the younger generation but rather women 35 and older who enjoy fine jewelry.

The call to action would be for a woman or her husband to run down to the store to purchase one, some, or all these bracelets.

The value proposition is Rhudy’s Jewelry Showroom provides beautiful, timeless statement pieces that you will adore.


Hubbard Kitchen, Bath, and Lighting Showroom

Hubbard Showroom actually only promoted one of their brands that they carry within the store, Moen. Moen is certainly the star of this ad. Beautifully shown installed and as a stand-alone Moen’s tagline “Buy it for looks, buy it for life” in my opinion fits to the tee. The ad displays six different product models and features.

The objective of this ad was to showcase the different types of Moen faucets that Hubbard’s offers and educate the viewer that they are a local business with three locations in North Carolina.

The target market is individuals building a home, renovating a home, or just updating fixtures.

The call to action is to come to the store, view, and purchase from their Moen selections.

The value proposition is that Hubbard’s provides a brand name product with a small town feel “…We’ll remember your name!”




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Entrepreneurial Creation- 610 News Print Ad Analyses

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware “The helpful hardware store™” has been open since 1924 and is the largest hardware retailer in the United States. Using their trademark red, black, and white the focus of this print ad is select garden items on sale for April’s promotional sales ad. In this ad, it has several items such as potting soil, lawn fertilizer, weed eater, fire ant killer,  flower care and so much more. Ace Hardware is trying to aid in all your garden needs. In addition, to highlighting items on sale, they are also promoting the benefits of being an Ace Rewards members which allow additional discounts.

The objective of this ad campaign is to sell more lawn care items during the gardening peak season. This is a time specific ad because the sale one these gardens items only last for the month of April.

The target market for this ad are homeowners or home sellers looking to spruce up their lawn for curb appeal and gardening enthusiasts. Ace Hardware showcases some of their top brands that have a lot of brand recognition so that even a novice gardener will take a second look.

The call to action is for the viewer to purchase items and sign up for the Ace Rewards program for additional savings. Though not expressly stated purchasing lawn care items will have your lawn looking its best. At the bottom of the advertisement, there is also a store credit card that one could apply for to purchase items.

The value proposition for Ace Hardware is they offer top brands at competitive prices, and they have all your lawn care needs.






Toys-R-Us “Where a kid can be a kid™” is a popular national toy store that used eye-catching colors and several popular items enlarged and centered in perfect view for a child. The emotional response is for a child to be excited and pull to parents to get them what they want.

The objectives of this print ad are to alert the parents that Toys-R-Us are having a special Easter sale and have all your Easter basket needs. Toys-R-Us effort is to be the one-stop shop for this spring holiday by having many popular toys and gift ideas for upcoming birthdays available. The sale is time-limited from 3/24 thru 4/15/2017.

The target market is actually all inclusive. From grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, family friends, or children. Easter is a popular holiday whether it be for the Easter bunny or Christ, Easter baskets are a popular item. I actually know a few adults that still receive Easter baskets, although typically not filled toys.

The call to action is asking parents or loved ones to visit the website to view deals and savings at

The value proposition for Toys-R-Us is a one-stop shop for popular toys, Easter baskets, basket stuffers for the “Do-it-yourselfers,” or gift ideas.

Conn’s Home Plus


Conn’s is a retail chain that offers many popular home appliances, electronics, and home decor with an emphasis on financing options. This ad’s approach is reflective of the after Thanksgiving Black Friday sale that many retailers participate in each year. Showcasing big name brands for household appliances and entertainment, Conn’s advertises their financing options right in the middle of the ad to inform the viewer of their payment options. The ad states that you can get a free iPad and in the fine print it educates the viewer that they must purchase at least three or more Whirlpool or Maytag to be eligible.

The objective of this campaign is to inform the viewer of before Easter sale and Conn’s financing options to buy now. Their goal is to increase sales and discounts are extremely time-limited since prices and special offers are available from 4/2 thru 4/8/2017.

The target market is focused on homeowners or renters looking to furnish or refurnish their homes.

The call to action is for the viewer to jump on the discounts and finance their new purchases through Conns. If the viewer where to purchase via credit through Conn’s then they will save on appliances and have an implied affordable way of getting new furnishings for their home.

The value proposition for Conn’s is providing popular brands with discounts and providing free delivery of items.




Walgreens “At the corner of happy & healthy ™” store used big and bold lettering and spring-like pink to advertise their super savings coupon book. They wanted the viewer to know up front what their savings could be by shopping at Walgreens for essential everyday items. For an emotional response, it would have to be excitement for certain items being on sale and buy two get one free promotion. These promotions are also time-limited.

The objective of this ad is to be eye catching. Enhancing the word free is a distinct attention getter. Also enlarging the amount of savings a customer could potential save would make anyone take a second look.

The target market is initially women since it has women hair care products and pink and white scripting.

The call to action is for viewers to jump at the opportunity for savings and visit their local Walgreens store.

The value proposition would be to get returning or new customers in the store to participate in their promotion.


Michaels the “make creativity happen ™” store is promoting their Easter sale for the “Do-it-yourselfers” basket stuffers, home décor, candy, Easter activities, and games. With bold red and black scripting (which seems to be popular among all ads) the promote discounts on select items listed on the print ad. You could say this ad elicit a sense of nostalgia when looking at the Easter baskets and bunnies.

The objective of this ad is to promote Easter items for sale to draw customers with discounts and educate the customer that they have the new Slime Bar that is being highlighted on Good Morning America.

The target market is focused on parents and “Do-it-yourselfers” in preparation for Easter

The call to action is to get customers shopping during this promotion to see an influx of sales.

The value proposition is offering more than just Easter baskets and stuffers but also offering Easter theme décor.