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ENT 645-Professional Presentation Reflection

For many, FICO scores (a person’s credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation) can be a sensitive issue. I picked this topic for my presentation because there are so many people who are interested in starting a business but have credit issues. I recently interviewed senior lending manager at BB&T for a subject matter expert interview. She stated, “Bad credit is the number one reason entrepreneurs get denied for small business loans. They can have an amazing business plan and even secure some funding, but if their credit score is low, they will more likely be denied.” As a person who has been able to repair a poor credit score, I thought it was imperative that I share this knowledge.

I promoted my “Tips for Improving Your Credit Score for Small Business Lending” presentation on Facebook and to contacts that I knew were struggling to improve their FICO score. I had six attendees in all. The forum I used to present my material was via a webinar. I gave a bevy of information, and the overall the presentation went well. Two questions were asked during the presentation, but unfortunately, I did not see them until the end. Nevertheless, I contacted the individuals to provide them with answers.I asked my attendees to provide feedback on my presentation and here is what Tabetha Hymond had to say,

“The “Tips for Improving Your Credit for Small Business Lending” presentation was very impactful. Ms. Comer presented the information strategically and at a pace where the information could be processed effectively. I appreciated her ability to provide real world examples to help the audience get a true idea of the pros and cons to being financially responsible in regards to our credit. Her professional experience in the financial industry gave her first-hand knowledge of how popular financial trends such as “Autopay” can be not only risky but detrimental in some cases to your open cash flow which has a trickle-down effect on a consumer’s use of credit. I applaud Ms. Comer for staying focused throughout the presentation to maximize her time along with valuing the time of the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and felt that the knowledge that I gained from it will aid in my ability to continue rebuilding my credit.”

Overall, I was happy with my presentation. I was extremely nervous because even though I tried to test everything before I went live, I still ended up having one or two technical malfunctions. Nonetheless, I would definitely like to be able to present this information again, whether online or in person. Mrs. Hymond’s feedback alone has motivated me to continue educating others about credit rehabilitation. Lastly, if you are interested in listening to my presentation, please use this link

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ENT 645- Professional Presentation Announcement

Tips for Improving Your Credit for Small Business Lending

Join us for a webinar on Aug 01, 2017 at 7:00 PM PDT.

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I will be covering:
Reviewing your current financial standing
Credit rehabilitation
Credit measurements
Debt Stacking
Removing delinquencies and judgments
Raising your credit score
Rapid Impactors
Helpful hints
Resources to help with budgeting personal and business expenses.

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Tips for Improving Your Credit for Small Business Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation