What’s Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate and administer resources for potential entrepreneurs and existing small business owners. Serve as a liaison for partnerships and joint ventures. Furthermore:

  • Educate clients on how to make business, marketing, human resource, and financial plans that will help with the life of their business. Make them marketable to potential investors.
  • Educate the importance of networking and intra-partnerships within the same or parallel industries and services. For example, educating their customers of services or products that their competition or business partnerships may offer so that it could be reciprocated and bring similar traffic their way.
  • Educate the importance of knowing the competition locally, nationally, and staying abreast and connected to new products or services being offered.
  • Assist in researching ways of obtaining funding for startup costs through lending services, grants, or potential investors who are looking for profitable ventures to invest.
  • Partnering with the local universities, community colleges, and the Chamber of Commerce is of high importance. It would enable clients to take classes, have network opportunities, and glean knowledge from an array of experienced professionals.

Essentially business is not only about making money but also building relationships. My goal is to facilitate those opportunities and to teach how to capitalize on them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help your vision become a business, plan to make this business profitable, commit to using every possible resource and facilitating sustainable success in the desired market.


EPICS vision is to be a sustainable leader and a small business resource for potential or existing entrepreneurs who need intensive help. Being a contributing entity to the small business community such as, working with business to business partnerships, becoming a resource for the Chamber of Commerce, and conducting small business foundation workshops. Additionally, having a strong partnership with other non-profit small business resource centers in educating middle school and high school students about the importance of entrepreneurship.